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Why do Writers …

Hello Dear Reader Write Alone? After my first article about why do writers write, I decide to ask another question of both myself and others. I know what makes me write, but why do I and others write alone? What … Continue reading

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Why do writers …

Hello Dear Reader Write Over the past few months, well years really, I have written my various thoughts, ideas, stories, and blogs. I have also spent a good portion of my time reading. Although that seems to be staccato at … Continue reading

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Autumn Eyes

Hello Dear Reader Autumn Eyes This is a change from my normal post as I decided to take a few photo’s today for fun. Autumn has such vivid colours and yet they last so briefly. You can see how life … Continue reading

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Spectre – My review

Dear Readers Bond is Back When reviewing any film I find sometimes you have to wait a time to let everything sink-in. I recently watched the latest James Bond film, Spectre. I have seen every Bond film many numerous times … Continue reading

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Blake’s 7

Hello Dear Reader, Blake: A Rebel with a cause. There are some television series that I can happily watch time and time again. They have a certain magic that never leaves. You do have to look past some of the … Continue reading

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