Writing 201: Poetry Ode

Hello All

Day 10 Poetry – Ode.

This is the last day of the poetry challenge and today it is an ode. Not something I have written before and with todays keyword of the future, I took a look at the end of something.

Ode’s can be anything I believe and as this is the last poem, I hope it does justice to the challenge.

Thanks for the fun.


The Future

He stood in front of the monument,

Black soulless moment in time.

A simple message etched in pure gold

The last left for anyone to read.

An ode to a lost race, just one

The one he searched for, the lost.

Saddened, feelings misplaced

What has this come to one race?


Dropping down on bended knees

He hangs his head, yet no one sees.

Now to late to save just one.

Looking to the final lines

‘To any who read our last words,

Some of us waited, no saviour came.

Inside is the last memories of Us.’


By Mark O’Donnell ©

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