Hello All

Day 9 Poetry challenge

Todays poem is one that I have never really understood until now. It’s odd in the sense you can pick other lines from other poems and just mix lines together. Very strange and one that no matter what you do may make no sense at all. Also, how do you actually tell if it’s right or wrong?

I did try two different approaches, one was to take twitter posts and saw what happened. I posted that at the end. My first attempt concentrated on landscape as best I could and includes a famous line from a song.




Like a found poem

Hill, valley, green, green grass of home.

Wandering lonely as camel

That’s a bit extreme.

Words taken, poem cut

There is a drawer I often use

It has mysterious powers.

Back to wandering rivers.

Is a poem a landscape

Or a landscape a poem.

I cut those lines

He sobbed in triumph once more.

By Mark O’Donnell ©


The twitter one;

Qual rounds


New friend

I won’t once I move house

A migraine this PM to see the end

– what equipment did you use?

Enjoyable even has the right theme!

Don’t forget Big weekend in August

That’s a bit extreme

Shows F1 who they should trust.

Style each day here is one

Be a princess in disguise

Well done

You could be in for a surprise.

Films you shouldn’t watch alone?

By Mark O’Donnell ©