Hello Dear Reader


Over the past few months, well years really, I have written my various thoughts, ideas, stories, and blogs. I have also spent a good portion of my time reading. Although that seems to be staccato at times. By staccato, I mean when I am interested in a book or need to read something or just hankering to remember a good novel, I read. Then I have time away, then back to reading again.

What makes me want to write? I found that my imagination created amazing worlds and characters for me. In my day, there was no internet, computer or to be honest, fancy gadgets. I had books, toys, Lego and more to occupied my mind. I was not content to just play, I needed to write my ideas down. I created my own worlds, most of which vanished sadly. In order to want to write, I needed first to read. I read all sorts, including numerous comics which in themselves helped me to see into certain places.

Others advised me later in life, I was told that the best way to write a book is to read many on the same subject. At first, I thought that would work against me. If I read the latest best seller on crime for example, would I subconsciously be influenced by said book and just rewrite it for myself. Clearly, it can’t be the case otherwise, how would writers know they liked a particular subject? I read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy in my school years. Lots. In fact, I read one book so many times when I was young, I was banned from reading it again in school. Sadly I can’t remember what that book was, which in itself is odd.

Still, the question remains, why do we write? There are of course many reasons; creating others worlds, new characters, differing stories. A single writer can bring joy to millions with just a few words. Imagine the impact that stories such as A Christmas Carol or The Hobbit had on people. Remember also that when some of these books were published they had no social media as we do today. Yet, they had a huge impact on people. You also have to realise the imagination behind the book, which in itself creates an imagination in the reader. Each one of us, I am sure, see’s a character or location just that bit different.

Take the following few lines:

“He sat at a table in the café, trying to think of what to write next. It was noisy to a degree which helped him. His hands hovered over the keyboard. A few more words appeared on the screen. He looked up again. Did the people in café given him inspiration or distraction?”

What does that conjure for you the reader? In truth, it was me as I wrote this, sat in café trying to find the words of why I write. So why do I write? My reason is I want to see if I can tell a good story or create a deep poem or just engage people with these blogs. I have written numerous poems and short stories, one poem has been published. Very soon an article I have written will appear in a magazine. I am quietly excited. Shortly after, my very first book will be published. These days, everyone has the chance of telling their story and publishing it via social media or ebooks. What it means for me, is that I will have reached one of my goals. Should I stop there?

“The writer stopped again for a moment. How to sum everything up without appearing self-centred. Difficult, as writing could be a self-centred art. He considered other forms of art; painting, music or acting.”

You see, writing is an art form, it is self-expression, a desire to interact both with real and imaginary characters. For some writers, it explains sides of their own character they sometimes can’t admit to others. They can express grief, loss or depression in words that are harsh to hear. Words are also actions. Some writers want to show that there is a path forward to others. Some just want that selfish moment in time.

It was odd that I decided to write this without seeing what others said on the subject and a quick interweb search made me smile. There are hundreds of reasons and ‘posts’ on just this subject. There was even a competition. I also write because I can enjoy what I am creating. I joined a local creative writing group to help me better understand what I am trying to write and how to improve myself. It works. There is an element of danger as well. When you write, you think you see what others will read. That can be hard when someone reads what you have written rather than what you have imagined you have written. A single comma can change a line. Do I write just for myself where the only critic is myself? The answer can be both. Sometimes I just want to write and see. In my first book, I want to educate, my second I want to entertain. My third? That could be a little of everything. Everyone should write, even if it’s just a diary, you need to try.

This is why I write. Because I can.

Tagline: “Why the hell did I write that!”