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National Arboretum

A few days ago, a decision was made. Where can we visit? A few locations came up including shopping, DIY (not the best location) or somewhere new. The national arboretum is one of those places I have seen many times on news reports. It has been created to honour so many lost soles and is surrounded by hope and remembrance. However, I had not visited. Today was the day.

To those who don’t know, here are a few facts and figures about the site.  It contains over 300 memorials in 150 acres, with some 30,000 trees and bushes. It commemorates a huge number of branches both military and non-military over numerous campaigns.

Why visit? Well for me, I have family members who served in world wars. However, the visit was not just for that reason. I was curious at what I might find. Would this be just a somber, dark reminder of past events or something that would serve as the focus point? It was in fact, the latter.

It is odd. You can walk around thousands of trees and forget what you are seeing and then turn a corner to find a statue, a man carrying his wounded friend. You stop and read the reason for this monument and be reminded of the heroic acts that took place.

Strangely enough, it is not only a sad place. There are many emotions I suspect, that runs through both the place and the people. There has to be given its nature. The mixed emotions, curiosity, Sadness and more, all there as people wandered around. There is no set way to see the place, you just walk through history, so to speak.

The one thing you can not truly picture, for me, is the loss of life that each memorial stands for. Even if it is a hand full, it is just not clear. I doubt even a series of numbers could help.

As for a day out, well it was a pleasant warm sunny day. There will be a new visitors centre soon and I am sure that will help keep this spot the memory so many deserve.

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