Hello all

Conference 2015.

I recently attended my fourth Timetabling conference last week. It sounds different but then many professions have a conference. Why should we be any different? It can be refreshing, rewarding and renewing to connect with friends. There is also the opportunity to gather the latest ideas. There is also the odd chance to put forward your own experiences.

For the first time in a few years, I decided to put forward some of my personal experiences. Unlike a blog, for me a presentation of this type is specialized and often quick to put together. The audience is already open to what you are going to talk about which makes it easy. The problem is ensuring you can put over your experience in such a way that people understand your message.

That is the difficult part. My presentation was regarding reporting and how information needs to be communicated. It is part of a book I am writing. Information is very important. It can help shape everything around us. The wrong information or incorrectly used and distributed can cause more harm than good.

Standing up in front of people has never been a difficult task for me. Yet you are still required to get the right message across. It was fun to do, give my view point to colleagues. To be listened to and understood can be very important and rewarding. For me, I gained a new view of the community I have joined. My presentation may not have been overly dramatic, but it did help inform a number of people. That made me feel good.

So my tagline: ‘Sometimes it’s good to stand in front of the crowd’