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Writing 201: Poetry Landscape

Hello All

Day 9 Poetry challenge

Todays poem is one that I have never really understood until now. It’s odd in the sense you can pick other lines from other poems and just mix lines together. Very strange and one that no matter what you do may make no sense at all. Also, how do you actually tell if it’s right or wrong?

I did try two different approaches, one was to take twitter posts and saw what happened. I posted that at the end. My first attempt concentrated on landscape as best I could and includes a famous line from a song.




Like a found poem

Hill, valley, green, green grass of home.

Wandering lonely as camel

That’s a bit extreme.

Words taken, poem cut

There is a drawer I often use

It has mysterious powers.

Back to wandering rivers.

Is a poem a landscape

Or a landscape a poem.

I cut those lines

He sobbed in triumph once more.

By Mark O’Donnell ©


The twitter one;

Qual rounds


New friend

I won’t once I move house

A migraine this PM to see the end

– what equipment did you use?

Enjoyable even has the right theme!

Don’t forget Big weekend in August

That’s a bit extreme

Shows F1 who they should trust.

Style each day here is one

Be a princess in disguise

Well done

You could be in for a surprise.

Films you shouldn’t watch alone?

By Mark O’Donnell ©

Writing 201 – Poetry Fingers

Hello Dear Reader

Poetry Fingers

Day 7 of this challenge and a prose poem is todays theme with the keyword of fingers.This one is more my style, I enjoy prose as it allows you to express yourself a little more deeply. This one I do like, it gives freedom of expression without restrictions many other styles impose. I have enjoyed writing todays poem and hope it stands out.



Day 7 – Fingers

Drawn across the soft white curve,tracing the pleasure he feels before him. A joy to behold, feeling freedom, no-one else but the two locked in the moment. A pause, a frown, something not right, the strangest feeling of déjà vu confronts his senses. Is this the delight he remembers? That desire which brought him back here? His eyes scan the white surface, oddly littered with black speckles. Each one a clue to what lies ahead. Slowly, methodically he studies every sinew. Exploring each delicate depth of passion Pushing along the chosen path. His finger moves again, taking all displayed. Silence shared between the pair. The soft rustle of a movement well-known, his finger starts again to discover. Each sensuous touch making him drunk on power, he holds the key. A soft voice echoes in the room making him stop. ‘Are you coming down for dinner?’ She begs the question. His finger pauses on one word, ‘illusions’. Blackness of words bound on white paper. A smile on his face, the bookmark back in place. He puts the book down, waiting for another day.

By Mark O’Donnell

Writing 201: Poetry

Dear Reader

Writing 201: Poetry

I have recently taken up an interesting challenge, writing poetry. This is has daily assignments, not all will be published here as it will take too much time. I may post a weekly list  Here is my first attempt, it is a Haiku about water, enjoy.


Vitally flowing

Colours clear to poison black

Hope given to life

A challenge – 140 character poem

Dear Readers and maybe poets,

This morning I managed to write a short poem in 140 characters (actually less). Now I know that many haiku’s can be written in 140 characters but this was a quick 4 line poem. So I decided to post it here as a challenge. It’s just a bit of fun to try. Why did I write this? Well the washing machine we have makes a darn tune when it finishes and it does remind me of what the late great Douglas Adams might be thinking. Remember Marvin? This washing machine is just to cheerful to make sure you know it’s done. Hence the poem. So here it is enjoy and see;


Is this the shape of things to come

A washing machine that sings and hums

Douglas would be laughing now

As we are tortured by this row


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