Hello Dear Reader,

There is always a moment when you read of someone passing away that makes you think. Sometimes, those thoughts are fleeting for many reasons.other make you stop and remember. The passing of Leonard Nimoy has naturally brought back numerous memories for me and millions of other fans. I know full well that blogs, posts, tweets and more have already surfaced around the net. This is now the way of the world. In some respects, this is why I have waited a couple of days.

I have been a Star Trek fan for many years. I first watched Star Trek way back in 1969 when it was first shown on the BBC. I was 7 years old at the time. It was brilliant. Along with many other shows I saw at that time, it had just something about it. The three central characters, Kirk – hero, Spock – intelligent and McCoy – healer in many senses. The trio worked very well together, many times the scripts called for the ice cool logic of Nimoy’s character to temper the scene.

As with other certain roles, it stuck and so did the fans. Despite being cancelled, Star Trek just kept going through people power. Nimoy took on other roles and started in another favourite series of mine, Mission:Impossible. Here is was allowed to express himself, show that he was more than just Spock. But, it was always going to be that one character many of us wanted to see, time and time again.

He did of course come back to this character many more times very successfully in the film series. Even to the point of trying to kill of the character in one of the best Star Trek films in my view. Around the net there is one scene that has been posted, the funeral of Spock from Star Trek 2. It is very well-played out and has a wonderful piece delivered by Kirk. For me, that is not the scene I want to consider for one of science fictions most well-known characters. For me, the scene that sums up both Spock and Nimoy is the touching moment he know he has to sacrifice himself, but with the Star Trek twist. Spock places his hand on McCoy’s forehead and simply says ‘Remember’.

That is how I want to think of this actor and his characters; Remember. It is the same for many who pass away, we have to just remember.

Tagline ‘Remember – need I say more?’