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Write Alone?

After my first article about why do writers write, I decide to ask another question of both myself and others. I know what makes me write, but why do I and others write alone? What is the joy and pain of sitting without contact for hours on end. But is that the real case?

Most times, a writer creates their own worlds, characters and more. In order to write you have to sometimes forget the real world to enter your own ‘real’ world. This is where a writer is often never alone, sometimes lost mind you, more so than in the real world. No matter how short or long the work is, there is a world of sorts. Each piece has a doorway to allow both writer and reader to enter.

This in itself is its own world. Although this is a work of fact, I am imagining what many other writers might be doing. To do this, I have to create my own world and populate it with what? Straight away I can be creative, take the writer who once more is sitting in the café. He is surrounded by people, yet is sitting alone. As soon as he opens that document, be it on a computer or paper, he can either enter an on old world or create something new. Therefore in theory he is not alone. Yet to be alone in the real world allows a writer to use those around him to create the imaginary world. Sounds like a migraine I can tell.

Writing alone means you are in control of what you create up to a point. Why? Again I guess it goes back to what a writer is trying to write. I, for example, once wrote a poem about a girl on a train station platform. She was sitting alone on the floor in a doorway trying to be unseen or so I decided. You see, I saw alone in my thoughts about the poem yet not alone with others who I was travelling with. The girl was alone and I created in my poem my view.

Sometimes, you have to write with another person, say on a script for a film or television show. To do that the group have to agree the world, the boundaries and parameters. Writing with others for me, means having some control taken away. You could not suddenly introduce a fire-breathing dragon into Victorian period drama, unless it was sci-fi. There are always exceptions of course. Authors do work with others one example is Clive Cussler who with others has produced a huge range of adventure novels. I often wondered what it would feel like to try to write a story in someone else’s universe. In order to do that I would imagine you have to understand the said universe in detail, even better than the originator. How would they feel if you found something new in their favourite character? Should you even try? Take one iconic figure, James Bond as penned by Ian Fleming. He did give some details about Bond, how he acted, his job and some of his character. Now we have new books written by others, should they change his appearance for example? Have they the right to change what someone has created?

Clearly you can play in another world to a point. But these days there is much more than just a book to consider. Copy-write attempts to protect those worlds. Yet fan fiction is found in many corners of the interweb often crossing boundaries without a care. I tried to write one particular story regarding Doctor Who. It took me almost ten years to complete. I started it due to making a daft bet that I had a better idea than someone else. Never make bets like that. I knew the universe I was entering, I was alone in my writing but felt the years of other writers as I built my story. Let alone the various characters I had at my disposal, I still had to create some of my own. When I finished it, I felt very happy. It needs work, it needs reviewing and more but I completed something.

Now I have my own worlds, my blogs and more. I still write alone as I am now in the café. Only I can see what my worlds are until I let them loose. It is an odd feeling, surrounded by people no-one paying attention as I write.

Why do writers write alone? To allow everyone else to be surrounded by their imaginary friends.

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