Hello Dear Reader

Friday Fun.

It is that time of the week, when we look forward to a well deserved break. At least some of us do. That moment in time when you compare the list of jobs against shopping or maybe a trip to the cinema. What about that desire to look at a new car?

For some, the weekend appears to have the ability to time travel and not in a good sense. Others, do take it by the scruff of the neck and just chill. Maybe, just maybe you have that little pocket in mind, Sunday afternoon. That part of the weekend just for lazing in front of an old film on the telly. Actually, falling asleep in front of the telly and claiming later you saw everything.

Others, well its that other list, mow the lawns, paint the kitchen (again), change the lights, remove the dead plants or whatever. Often heard is the saying, ‘I only come to work for a rest’. Some weekends are though magical. Yes you can spend all day in a garden just pottering or walk down those sun-lit lanes (far-fetched I know in the UK) enjoying the fresh air.

Of course, the weather and the seasons play their part in a weekend. A warm summer day against a cold winters afternoon may help you decide what mood you find. Though the warm summer day brings its own nasty surprises, bugs, bites and stings, let alone pollen. So is winter any better? Cold, ice and blocked roads. Maybe not. Autumn, the sweet spot between the two or spring, it’s twin? Both are favourites for me.

But the weekend can be a time to reflect on the week. Did you meet those all important targets or remember that vital appointment? Or maybe start that blog you wanted to write? A sudden urge to escape, to run away to somewhere different that much-needed break. Whatever you do, do it.

Myself, being an archer and writer (spare time) I will stand in a field and try yet again to understand the mysterious way my arrows fly or piece together the next chapter of my book. Do I kill off another character or let them live? Will I feel the effects of the unending time travel? Of course I will as it will soon be Monday morning.

So Friday fun, of course.

Tagline: ‘Friday night, Monday morning … is that a film?’