Hello Dear Reader

What is your favourite song? The answer is as complex as it is simple, as diverse as it is singular. Why ask the question in the first place?

I have a reason, most blogs have some reason, be it to rant, inform or just plain blog.

My reason is that I have recently been listening to some old songs and each one could be considered a favourite. From the recent movie (sort of) Guardians of the Galaxy, there was an album released of songs used. The ‘Awesome Mix 1’ has a number of fine songs, some clearly I would call favourite, some are just good. But what takes a song from being just good into that favourite list. Everyone will have a list. Try picking your own top five, it will change the minute you get to the sixth.

I recently listened to a couple of the Kaiser Chiefs songs, wanting to discover more about their lead singer. I found a couple of their songs very enjoyable and easily added as favourites to another awesome mix. And here is my point. Is your favourite the one you have yet to hear or the song that no matter what, you will put on and just need to listen to? Some songs take a while to come back to you. The Carpenters produced some memorable songs back in the 70s. If you listen to Mary Carpenter, her voice has such a sweet sound, very easy to enjoy. The songs themselves for me also has good lyrics and make me want to sing. (The name of one song).

If I think of songs, well ‘Swing Low, Sweet Charity’ comes to mind but as my rugby theme. Writing, like now, there might be a range from Tangerine Dream and their electronic masterpieces to Jools Holland and his jazz mix. Recently I heard the first single by an artist named Daisy in the Dark, called Waltzing. It was an instance hit for me. It will be another favourite and get played a few time.

This brings me to what I feel many people now do and that is make their own awesome mixes. I can’t thing of one song that I would be the top. Of course, someone else has already been doing this for a few years on the radio, a deserted island and some discs. It’s a very difficult choice given you may never be found again. Pick wisely, I suspect is the motto of this wonderful show.

So what makes a favourite song for me? Memorable tune, good lyrics and a pleasing voice (if needed). As for my awesome mix? I am still working on them!

Tagline; I may have started a riot, well a minor discussion at least’