Hello Dear Reader

It has been sometime since I wrote a blog about archery. In the past few weeks, I posted an old archery blog on my take regarding the mental game. Last night was our AGM at Stafford archers and something of another new experience for me.

Along side everything else that has gone on, this year (2014/15) I was tournaments officer for the club. It is never to be underestimated just how much work goes into running any sort of club. It may seem from the outside that it is just a group of people getting together to shoot arrows. Far from it. It takes a team of people working together to make sure ‘“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one’. (Yes I did it again)

The club runs very smoothly considering this year we had a major move handled with great enthusiasm by the club. As tournaments officer, I had the job to arrange various postal shoots (not putting arrows in the post either), getting people to take part in competitions and of course the all-important Christmas shoot.

A Christmas shoot was the highlight for me. It was fun, daft, exciting and unpredictable. Given we had over 50 archers taking part shows just how much fun it can be. You have to really think how to make it fun as well. This is not just shoot the gold, this is shoot the nose of Santa or hope you don’t shoot what could be minus 50 to your score.

The AGM itself was a more formal affair until I stepped up of course. Presenting prizes for winners is always uplifting, knowing that these new archers (as well as some older ones) are keeping the sport and tradition alive. It also meant the chance to say thank you to some people whom do so much without always being noticed.

I enjoyed my time as tournaments officer and hopefully will go back in the future. At the moment I needed to step into the background a bit and help support another good person and archer take over.

Lots of people help out at the club and long may it continue. I know many clubs have that same feeling. As for the evening, well it ended with a darn good buffet. Well done all.

Tagline: ‘An archer may shoot alone on the line but the club is always behind them.’