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Star Trek Beyond

This year marks the 50th anniversary for this sci-fi series franchise.  This is also the third film in the rebooted or alternative universe of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the crew of the USS Enterprise.

There had been a lot of rumours about this film and given the anniversary, many wondered just how it might show the Star Trek universe at its best. As with all reviews, I won’t give the plot as I hate spoiling things for others. So, what one word would I give this movie after seeing it? Brilliant.

It is the best of the three by far, this adventure for me, goes beyond everything. There has been a subtle move away long title introductions to grab the viewers and hold them like hell for the ride. Star Trek Beyond mixes humour, action, adventure, edge of the seat drama along with character development while not forgetting to carry the audience.

It is very hard not give away anything here. So sort of spoiler alert.

The actors certainly appear to fit ‘their’ version of the roles in this movie, which is sad for one given the well-publicised news of Anton Yelchin’s death.  There was all sorts of ‘drama’ over what was a minor element of the movie, that of Sulu’s partner. It just flashed by, so ?

The plot was good – yes there might be holes as I have said several times before what film has none – very few. It is well put together for my liking it flows, no stopping, just action. One bit I really like was the Enterprise travelling through wrap, that was rather good. There are a number of things in the movie which pays tribute to the original actors and the 50 years that has past. You do have to listen to some lines very well in order to get the in-jokes. Again some sadly delivered by Chekov.  The sadly bit is that we won’t hear those again.

The underlying theme of this movie was unity is strength and to be honest, has always been a central element of Star Trek. Together no matter what, we are stronger. Kirk and Spock realise their true friendship which again, should be clue to people in the real world. It takes McCoy to ‘link’ them together pointing out what they both miss.

Highlights: Very difficult to say anything here without giving the game away. There is one scene which for a Star Trek fan is brilliant and you won’t miss it I am sure. I will be seeing the film again, I almost walked out of one screening and into another, I don’t do that for many films at all. Simon Pegg did a very good job on this film as both Scotty and one of the main writers. I would hope he has a hand in the next script.

Star Trek Beyond runs for 120 minutes, full colour, 3D and 2D, full of sounds and is good.


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