Sporting Rant … Part 2

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Sporting Rant … Part 2

Well it’s happened again. Sometime ago I wrote a small blog on the loss of sports from the BBC (free-to-air without ads I may add) to either subscription services (pay) or ad related channels.

It appears that after many years back on BBC, F1 has once more been sacrificed due to money. This time, because of outside forces who will all know, the BBC has had to let F1 go. This time it is with another advert laden channel.

Now, they have made claims much like the last lot, that the race will be ad free. I have my doubts, in fact I doubt they understand F1. It is annoying to see good sports disappear like this no matter how good the other side say they will be.

It happened at other times and funny enough not just to sports. Take the Goodies (odd I know) but they went from the BBC to ITV and lasted well not long sadly.

There is not a lot one person can do except to at least voice my concerns. This is not just about F1 now, this is about the careful dismantling of a British icon. Just remember this when you have to start paying to watch anything.

Sadly, F1 will go back a few steps. Maybe it’s time to find another sport before it is ruined as well.

Tagline: “Someone tell them the race started!”

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