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Social Media

I recently thought of how to increase my readership. These little blogs seem to spark interest but how do you break into the top end of a growing market? Will a big name always  draw people to read about a film review for example. Also, social commenting appears to be an increasing trend. At least that is what I feel.

I have never expected many comments from you, my reader but some feel it’s both important and required. Many now just click ‘Like’ as in a number of major sites. Is that because they like the picture or do not wish to comment and leave themselves open to a response? Maybe, it is because they are unsure of what is the social protocol. Is it in fact, how the blog has been written, restricting the reader to comment?

Unlike a novel, a blog can be many things. It can advise about the best places to eat or give a review of a film. The growth in personal blogs means that to attract the right reader, let alone any reader is a new art. Yet I feel there are ways to do just that. You could offer to sell space on your site, giving a small revenue as well as promoting a product. My view here is that to offer that space, you first need regular visitors. If you only have the odd one or two, is it worth it?

The other way is to join communities online. Without trying to mention anyone in particular, some now use shapes. There has always been the phrase, ‘my circle of friends’, in terms of the internet it is now becoming a circle of communities. You can find like-minded people for just about any subject. Here you can express your own views, you can find written work to like and comment on.

The BBC produced what they see as the new class test. Years ago, a comedy sketch showed how the three classes viewed each other. Three men, John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett, stood in line and gave a satirical view of each class. To many, the names may not mean much so here is a link to the sketch. Now you understand.

It was really simple. The upper class looked down on all, the middle class looked up and down whereas the lower class could only look up. ‘I know my place’ said Corbett. There are now 7 different classes or as the BBC think. One interesting addition is the use of social media. This gives a strange outlook in my view, as someone could have little money and yet be very socially active. Is this right?

I started this blog about how to increase my readership. So what have I done. Well, I joined a few shapes, increased my online circle of communities. It had instant success and produced a couple of nice comments. What would I like? I really would like to publish both my novel and poems. Can I do that? Yes, because avenues have opened. Will I do it? Yes, because that is a goal I have set myself.

Would I like more readers? If I am honest then yes I would.

With every post you open yourself up to the negative comments. I am sure that will happen one day. It’s how one deals with the negative rather than waiting for the positive in my opinion.

Tagline: Just 1 more reader or 100?