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Shoot the Moon

It has been a while since my last proper blog and here are a couple of reasons why. I have worked on a small guide to my first book, Zen and the Art of Timetabling. Christmas and the New Year appeared, as normal. Also, I have begun to rediscover the joys of taking photographs to the point I want to mix two of passions. Writing and photography do seem to go together. So much so, that for me after attending my first open shoot, I found myself writing two poems based on my night’s work.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and maybe that is true. Yet, I feel some pictures might generate a thousand stories or ideas. As I have mentioned in other blogs, using a picture can be a very good method to prompt a writer. As with writing, each photographer see’s something different in what he or she captures. Although there is only be 360 degrees in which some photos can be taken, each degree has thousands of interesting points.

Take the Moon. Over the past few weeks, I have taken the odd photo of the moon at various times of night. I am forever learning after all. Each time I take a picture I see something new. I can see a crater just a bit differently or the shadow from the Sun. The Moon does not change in reality, but as I photograph it, I see changes.

The same can be said of all photographs. Simply changing from colour to black and white, can have a huge impact on what you see. Black and white appears wrong but, there is a beauty in stripping away the layers to see even more details. I love black and white, the look of a building exposed of its colour just bare. There are those pictures which hide and tease, you want to see what is in the darkness. What is in the darkness, can we ever find out? Do we want to find out?

We like to see pictures of the Moon. It creates a magic sometimes, the mystical thoughts and dreams for some. It can be photographed as the background to a scene, passing behind a snow-capped mountain or wandering above a deep red dessert.  It is just one of those things to see.

As said, a picture says a thousand words, so here is my picture of the Moon or one of them. Enjoy.

Tagline: ‘Blue Moon… or saw me standing alone..’





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