Photograph Prompt – Week 4 – Beauty

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Photograph Prompt – Week 4 – Beauty

This week’s writing challenge is a little different. Beauty  is in the eye of the beholder or so they say. So this week I offer the following picture;


What does the image make you want to write? A poem, a thought, the scent of the flower? Maybe it is the first time a person has seen a flower. What if this was seen by an alien?

What would they think or how would you describe a flower as an alien? Here are my thoughts;

“Survey team Delta 1 recording. We landed on this world an hour ago and boy is it strange. I decided to avoid the big grey patches were the bipeds seem to be. There is something odd, a green soft type of surface in places along with a brownish hard substance. Then Delta 3 found this. I have included a scan for reference. We have no idea what it is for? We tried all forms of communications and no response. An odd flying thing landed on it, it made a sort of buzzing sound. We recorded that after Delta 5 was injured by the small object. He is in quarantine now under observation. Nasty red spot on him. The object had an odd smell, sweet to say the least. We are taking a sample for further checks. We don’t believe it to be …”

Well, what might it be? Beauty to an alien who knows.

What would you consider beauty to be?

Tagline: “Is that a field of daffodils?”

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