Photograph Prompt – Week 3 – Empty

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Photograph Prompt – Week 3 – Empty

Empty. An odd word for this weeks photo challenge. The picture is from one of the Severn Valley steam railway stations. It shows a train after everyone has left, empty of passengers but not empty of life. The story challenge is why is it empty? There are many paths a story can take. In this picture, the station is empty, the carriages some doors open, could this have been in war? Imagine H.G Wells and War of the Worlds, could the Martians be just out of shot? What about an alternative reality, steampunk or secret agents back in the 1920’s. There are so pick a theme, explore where that may go.



As with each week I will give a start, here is my path;

“Empty. The station was deserted, the siren had stopped a few seconds ago. People had run in panic, heading towards the bunkers. He looked around, something was wrong. Intelligence said they would strike during the next raid. The scientist was carrying the latest reports. This time they were sure the new formula would work and win the war.”

So were does this story go?


Tagline: ‘Secret Agent man,Secret agent man’

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