Photograph Prompt – Week 1 – Beyond

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Photograph Prompt – Week 1 – Beyond

Like many people I enjoy photography. I take hundreds upon hundreds and the odd one or two could be good. I have decided to write a different sort of blog, more a photographic prompt. I will post a picture at random times and hope it gives people something to use to either write about, think about, paint about or talk about.

The first picture is one I would consider a classic thoughtful prompt; what’s beyond the gate? If you step beyond the threshold what adventure might be found? Think of a short story, 500 or 1000 words, a flash story 140 characters (like twitter) or just use it to meditate.

These blogs will be short for the simple reason it’s a picture and a prompt. Enjoy.

So to start here is my flash story.

‘Becoming lost, heart quickens. Voices close, safety beyond the gate? Right one or a trap. Voices desperate. Through the gate. Hide and seek.’

Prompt 1


Tagline “Did the white rabbit go this way?”

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