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Passion for Music

Passion for Music

Music. Sometimes you hear a song which just manages to reach inside you and hit that perfect spot. It just does not appear to need anything else. Many others will try and cover the same song putting their twist which leaves you returning the original. However, sometimes a group twists the song to created something amazing. 

In this instance, the song was the Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. The music and lyrics are amazing. Yet, to take that into a new realm is both difficult and challenging. This particular cover managed to recapture it for me.

You don’t often think that the cover itself can be bettered, that was about to be blown away.

There is nothing more uplifting, in my view, to hearing live music. It carries an element which has that something extra. During the past few days, whilst on our second cruise with the Discovery and her crew, we were privileged to listen to a duo known as Braxi Music. Max and Brandi, are an amazing vocal couple, able to cross many boundaries, creating their own sounds.

We had seen them as the Discovery sailed away from one of the ports through the Norwegian fiords. It was magical, their sound surrounding the splendour of Norway. Their voices echoed around the fiord as they treated us to an amazing range of classical and rock. The ship, passengers and crew were moved, I have no doubt. 

There was another chance to enjoy the duo. This time we were treated to their pure sound inside the Discovery. The main atrium, vibrated with their take on further rock classics again drawing us to them. There came a point when, without knowing, their version of the Sound of Silence began. Many have sung this song, yet as I mentioned only one other seemed to recreate it. Max and Brandi not only recreated but took it a different place. 

To hear live music, not a recording mind you which is amazing, but really hear it for me has that extra feeling. As they sang, I felt it engaged me. The music had feeling, power and a presence. The duo pushed the boundaries of the song, their essence took it just went another step higher. There was a silence as they sang, everyone watching had to listen it was that engaging. 

Knowing the song I was amazed as they carried us through the lyrics, making it their own. Their unique style was loud and clear, as barriers were broken and for me ripped to bits. The notes were so pure, the words given such emotion just on the edge. It was breathtaking.

There is a line within the song which has meant something to us this past year. I have to say for me, they brought a tear to the eye and to many others around me, not just with that one line but the whole performance. Their voices blended, separated and built as they complimented each other and the song itself. As the song finished you could feel the emotions from all around. It was amazing.

I had the pleasure of being able to talk to the duo and express my appreciation of the joy they created. Max and Brandi entertained the ship and like their music, went one step further. They interacted with everyone who spoke to them. Very warm couple who enjoyed the feedback from all. It was a joy to listen, watch and feel their musical performance. If you ever get the chance find their music, listen to them, enjoy. Thank you.

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  1. June Fleming

    We both agree with every word – they are an amazing duo and cannot understand why they have not been snatched up by higher circles – they never fail to amaze us on every occasion we have seen them – they are also the most friendly and approachable ever couple and long may they carry on with their amazing performances.

    • drawn_admin

      Yes they are and such a lovely couple to talk to as well. I am glad we get the chance to see and hear them on board Discovery.

  2. Thanks so much for this great post! I know how you feel. We got to see a band on a cruise that was stunningly awesome. They were as good as the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac or any other famous group!! I asked the keyboardist how long they had been together and he said, “A month”. The cruise line put them up for a month to rehearse every day and Presto!

    Really great post! Would love to hear their version. Is it up on Youtube or anywhere?

    • drawn_admin

      Hi and thank you.
      There are a few of Braximusic and they have an album on iTunes. They were wonderful to see and hear. B-12 were brilliant as well, we saw them practicing one time it was good to see.


  3. music is such a personal yet universal thing and your post says all that and more. I really enjoyed reading this and think it deserves a second read to fully absorb your meanings. one thing that stood out for me is the first few lines about sound of Silence, each era leaves a mark on humanity, this was one of those songs that takes you back to that time, no cover or remake will transport us like that, thank you for sharing this wonderful writing

    • drawn_admin

      Thank you for reading my blog. I found the duo very enjoyable and as I said had the pleasure of meeting them. The song was just one of many but given I had reviewed it before it felt right and I was amazed at how well yet another version could be done.

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