Meditation 1

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Meditation 1

There has been a lot said about meditation and how it can calm a mind, change a personality or just there to help. I decided to look into some apps and found one which I liked, Calm.

It presents you with various scenes and tasks, taking you through elements of mindfulness which is leads you to try to understand how to resolve matters in your thoughts. There is much to be said on this subject and given that meditation has been around for quite a long time, there must be something to it.

I learnt to meditate when I was in University, it was the ‘in thing’ to do. It helped me get through my exams as I decided to take it seriously. Like a few things, I drifted back and forth without finding that set time to keep going.

Now it is ‘labelled’ under things such as mindfulness etc but it’s still meditation of a form. If you truly look, there has been many forms over the centuries depending on which group you care to look into.

One way is to have a scene or sound like rainfall or a beach to focus on so you can clear your mind. This has even found its way into sci-fi and specifically Star Wars and Jedi. Well, I was out in a garden a couple of weeks ago and found the following which I might turn into my own 10 minute scene.

I present it here, a waterfall to enjoy. Maybe it is the first of my collection. This one is only 15 seconds as 10 minutes would mess up my web site. (YouTube is next!)

Tagline: ‘Water cascading down the rocks. Water, water,water… darn where is the toilet’


  1. I’ve always wanted to try out meditating, but as I keep a hectic schedule in college, I often fell asleep while trying! Now that I’m a bit older, maybe it’s a good time to try 🙂 Thanks for the motivation!

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