I made it Monday

Hello Dear Reader

A few weeks ago, maybe a month I took part in a Poetry challenge writing a different style each day for ten days. It was both tough and rewarding and like all work, it gave me a number of poems to work on and complete.

I noticed another challenge that caught my eye ‘I made it Monday’, which focused on one day and something you were proud of completing.

This was rather easy as I could pick the Monday of this week. (Of course this makes no sense when read far in the future but then nothing will). I have redecorated over the past twelve months, with help, but I refer to this as a refit. Part of that is tongue-in-check and the other part is a reference to Star Trek.

Monday was one of those days when you do actually hit that golden target. Having decided to remove a carpet, great fun, it’s replacement was laminate flooring. Now I have laid flooring before and it often means my knees, back and fingers take a bashing. This time I picked, or so I thought, an easy system. With a Bank Holiday weekend I calculated that the floor would be simple to do.

On the Friday prior, first day of the holiday, I was already at the point of returning the said product for a tin of paint. Three hours to get three pieces to link together. Where was International Rescue? (That is another blog) I managed, after a brief trip, to keep going and surprise it worked. Over the next couple of days, walls were stripped, more carpet removed and inch by inch the floor changed.

Of course nothing ever goes according to plan and the discovery of a rotten wooden plank and then a leaking pipe all added to the fun. You find these problems when your D-I-Y sixth sense kicks in or you decide to lift that odd-looking bit of wood. So Sunday was fix more before laying more floor.

Monday arrived and further work to be done. It’s never easy to refit (redecorate as everyone else calls it) a room let alone a house. I have such grand plans and sometimes not so good skills here. The tools you can buy are amazing and give you that sense of power.

So, did I make it on Monday? Well no. Almost got there still more things found to fix and more stuff to buy to fix it. In terms of ‘I made it Monday’, well yes I did with great help. I was really pleased the room looks different, it may well be my new writing room. You do get that good moment when all the hard work pays off and you finally see the results.

Tagline: ‘This refit is a completely new house.’

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