The Daily Post writing challenge.

I found this challenge while rebuilding my website over the recent holidays. It sparked my interest, to try to write about a given topic. I must admit that the Keele creative writing society often does similar things. So here is my attempt at the Daily Post challenge.



Water, the stuff of life. It cleans us, it feeds us, it moves us. It has a power and grace that can hypnotise a person to the point of danger. It helps move the very planet we roam. Many take water for granted, it arrives at the turn of a tap, clear cool and refreshing. Yet, some people never see that sort of water, never taste the so-called pure drink. They struggle for just a simple mouthful as the land fights for every drop. It is untreated, a colour many would avoid given the foul elements interjected into its structure.

But H2O has many forms. It can change with dramatic effect, in three sources. It can fall from the clouds in droplets of liquid filling seas and rivers.  That same liquid at the polar caps, two bizarre continents, becomes lands of ice home for many. Yet it has another form, one that forced both by nature and man, steam. But H2O in all it’s forms, is deadly. On a majestic ship crossing a great ocean, ice took life as it cut open the metal skin. Between the two elements, ice and water, it claimed many.

They say the sea is a cruel mistress and it certainly can be, calm one moment and the next use a force deadly enough to destroy whole towns, let alone sink a single ship. Wave upon wave, crashing into man-made structures ripping everything apart. Then without a care in the world, calmness returns.

Yet, waters strength could be used for good. It was for centuries to turn mills long before steam. It helped move industry, it changed people’s lives, maybe for the better. When it was finally contained and goaded with fire, man had steam. That was another revolution, another step forward, huge engines of power cutting through the countryside. Changing things again, giving more power to people. Steam gave way to more complex machines, more power. All the time a change, but still water holds us. We hope it will never leave. We pray it will never destroy us.

H2O, a complex element, in simple forms.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”