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Rivers of Time

Hello Dear Reader Rivers of Time I decided to write a short story based on the premise that time is like a river. We all have our own river, some feed into others and grow stronger, some merely cross paths. … Continue reading

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Forgotten Letter from Prague

Hello Dear Reader Over the past few years, I have found a passion in my writing. I have been very lucky to have a couple of pieces published and completed my own first book. A novel is in the works, … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction 1

Hello Dear Reader Flash Fiction 1 Over the few weeks, I have challenged myself to write something called flash fiction. This is sort of shorter version of a short story. Although, some would argue that many pieces are short stories. The … Continue reading

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Writing Weekend Part 2

Hello Dear Reader Writing Weekend Part 2 Hopefully, you will have read Part 1, it makes sense of course in case there is some startling revelation of catastrophic news. Rest assured, there is nothing but reading Part 1 helps. I … Continue reading

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Passing QC

Hello Dear Reader Passing QC An odd title one might think but something of a challenge for me these past few days. QC in this instance means Quality Control. I have decided to offer some of my photographs to a … Continue reading

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