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A writers tail

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Community Service.”

The 140 character poem

Dear Readers and maybe poets,

The 140 character poem – A challenge for all.


This morning I managed to write a short poem in 140 characters (actually less). Now I know that many haiku’s can be written in 140 characters but this was a quick 4 line poem. So I decided to post it here as a challenge. It’s just a bit of fun to try. Why did I write this? Well the washing machine we have makes a darn tune when it finishes and it does remind me of what the late great Douglas Adams might be thinking. Remember Marvin? This washing machine is just too cheerful making sure you know it’s done.

Hence the poem. So here it is enjoy and see;




Is this the shape of things to come

A washing machine that sings and hums

Douglas would be laughing now

As we are tortured by this row


Tagline; ‘A whole in book in 140 characters, just find them’

A writers tale

They say that everyone has a story to tell. Many may not know what story they have inside them or in fact they recognise it if they were faced with a pen and paper.

I decided, along with millions of others, to start this blog. It is a mixture of blogs, random writings, the odd story from time to time and my own reviews. We are all capable of being a critic, sometimes people make a living from it and others just do it for fun. Me, I do it for fun.

I did have an old blog site which ended up going, many links were lost. I may rebuild those in time or just let them fade away in the corners of the interweb.


It’s all restarting

Hello All

My web site is coming back after a couple of weeks online. I will repost some of my old blogs and of course write some new ones.

Watch this space.