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Zen and The Art of Timetabling

Hello Dear Reader

Zen and The Art of Timetabling

It started off as a small paper all about what I thought should be the rules regarding timetabling. As a writer, or at the time I would say amateur one, I had could have just stopped there, the rules. Something made me write more. I wanted to explain, understand and I suppose help others in the same field.

To write a book is not easy. It takes a lot of time, effort and the beating of many demons. You do have to have a lot of self-belief because no-one can really help you. They can support you, they can listen and often ignore the annoying rants. You can ask for help. People will read your work and then there comes that odd moment when the possible book has that chance to be a real book.


That in itself brings expectations from many sources. But just writing the book is not the be all or end of it all. Many can write, but how many can actual push to that final line and publish? To consider that part, to let your work become subjected to all can be very daunting.

I had to make the decision not only to complete the first part of finishing the book but to then expose my work to the world. I don’t think any author really finishes a book. Each time I re-read it, I found something else I might have wanted to change. I then had to find a way to publish it. I could have easily just pushed it out using a simple rough document style. But I decided to go that one step further.

It was a long process with a very rewarding conclusion. I published my first book. Not only is it published but it also sits in the British Library. I am very proud of what I have achieved. To be perfectly honest I was excited once I saw the finished product. Now I can say I have written the book on timetabling.

Zen and The Art of Timetabling has been published and is available from many outlets. (Even that is exciting as one of them is Amazon). Will I be the next Wil Shakespeare or Douglas Adams (my favourite), I have no idea and to be honest at this point I am not sure it has bothered me. I just know I have done it.

Zen and The Art of Timetabling the ebook available to buy here.

Tagline: ‘Publish and be happy’


Hello Dear Reader


It has been a few weeks since I last posted a blog here, however I have not been idle. In fact I have been very busy attempting to finish a rather niche book.

Writing, for me, is a joy, a release of thoughts that after many reads form some sort of jumbled mess. I don’t know about other writers but I often find words will appear on a screen or now a typewriter (more on that later) in a scrambled pattern.

Like now, I am thinking this, reading to my inner self as I write. Will this make sense once I have finished? Only the reader and some cold-hearted grammar checker will know. And why is that? Well most times this blog is just written, spell checked and the glaring mistake corrected. A blog for me is just somewhere to unburden words I might not need. I don’t need to make the sentence ‘nice’ or have it rhythm in haiku fashion. Those works, I work on.

My book, which is in draft, is very unique in what it hopes to discuss and I won’t give anything away here because it’s a surprise. I do have a sc-fi novel written and I have a detective story on the go. But how to get them to a trusted editor to get the best words out. The poems I have on here, I wrote quickly and then refined later. One of them I was very lucky to have published in the first Keele Creative Writing anthology. I was really proud of myself and that finally makes me a published writer.

IMG_0972As for the typewriter I mentioned. You sometimes do what some people call daft things. This was an impulse purchase, just suddenly decided I wanted a typewriter. Well, suddenly was not really correct, sort of slow build-up having seen them dotted about TV shows and eventually I thought ‘Why not?’. There is a perfectly good app, it makes sound, it looks real but it’s not the same. With a typewriter you can feel and hear the letters hitting the page creating words. Don’t get me wrong, once you make a mistake it shows. But its fun. I do have an odd hankering to write a poem and enter it into some sort of art exhibition as  the lost worlds of writing. Daft?

Anyway, this blog has been written during my lunch break, sat in a coffee area listening to the world. It’s fascinating, as Spock would say. I often write at lunch time, it is how I thought of my detective story ( 3 chapters down already). Not that I have any ideas from coffee or do I?

Well it is time to finish this little work, almost 500 words on just nothing much. A rambling blog that might just contain the odd gems. As for my quest to find that editor, it goes on.

Tagline: ‘This blog was written with happy thoughts from 13:24pm to 13:54pm.’

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