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Hello Dear Reader


Please note there are some spoilers in this review.

This is part of Marvel’s phase two of films. It introduces, as the name suggests, a man who becomes … well not an ant at least. Ant-Man is a different sort of hero in this movie. Again taken from the comic books the movie opens in the late 80s with before Avengers and Age of Ultron. Hank Pym, the creator of a drug discovers people want to be less careful than he. Deciding the only way is to quit, he attempts to hide his formula and suit from the world.

Moving forward in time to present day and a discovery that all is not well. Pym is shown work that presents him with a problem. He turns to a man apparently out of luck, a convicted cat-burglar Scott Lang who himself tried to do what he thought was right. Between the two, along with a few others, they attempt to right the wrong.

Ant-Man is one of Marvels older characters first appearing in Tales to Astonish #27 (January 1962). Hank Pym was the first Ant-Man who became a founder member of the Avengers. The title and all that went with it was handed down to others including Scott Lang, when Pym moved to take up other roles. I won’t go into everything but safe to say the character has history.

The 2015 feature film cleverly condenses the history of Ant-Man, Hank Pym, Scott Lang and places it neatly into the current Marvel film universe. Now this is slightly different to the comic universe, which is to be expected. For me the film falls between the feel of the Avengers and the wit and comic effects of Guardians of the Galaxy. The action moves the film along at what is now the accustomed Marvel pace, with hints of other movies, other characters and its own style. The actors are very believable, again well-chosen by Marvel which just adds that extra little something. It has pace, well scripted and a good sound track. All-in-all , the Marvellous package.

Ant-Man may not out gross Avengers 2 or Galaxy but it will keep Marvel on track. There is certainly much more in the pipeline. In fact within a few weeks the reboot of the Fantastic Four will hit the screen and then Civil War breaks out. Add to this Doc Strange,  X-Men Apocalypse and others, Marvel is still head and shoulders above their rival. At the moment, there seems no stopping this expanding universe.

Score: 4/5

Tagline: “The smallest hero with a big ego.”




Hello Dear Reader,

In the past few days there has been the sad loss of a number of well-known people. Three people in particular have made me remember why we keep memories. Christopher Lee, an actor whose career spanned many different realms appeared in hundreds of films and television series. For me three notable roles com to mind; Henry Baskerville in The Hound of the Baskervilles with Peter Cushing, Space:1999 and Saruman in Lord of the Rings. Each role very different, each one memorable for how Christopher Lee played the roles. He never  played a role short, he was a powerful figure each time he stepped forward. These three roles are ones I can enjoy again and again, in particular Hound of the Baskervilles. Not playing the lead role he still makes the movie. Maybe that was due to his friendship with Peter Cushing. The two starred in numerous films, most notably Hammer films normally horror. The second role for me was in series one of Space:1999, a Gerry Anderson production which pushed the boundaries of television sci-fi. Although the role was as a guest, he once more just captured the scenes. He was calm and just a huge presence.  The last role in his 80 and 90s was in one of the most recent successful franchise, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Again he was one of a numerous cast but he knew not only the role but the books in-depth. There are few that just have that presence that Sir Christopher Lee had. We can be grateful for those memories.

The second person, was James Honer the composer of such films as Titanic and Avatar. Those are not the films I thought of when I heard of his untimely death. The films for me that came to mind were Star Trek:The Wrath of Khan and the Rocketeer. Both of these soundtracks I can listen to with ease and remember the movies through the music. There is one scene, the music is called; ‘Enterprise Clears Moorings’. I listened to that piece when I heard the news. It just felt right for me and I could remember just how well James Horner’s music fitted the film. Again there are memories we can enjoy.

The last person was something of a British icon, the first English Avenger, Patrick Macnee. The character, John Steed,  first appeared on television back in 1961 but not as he was to become known. It took almost the first series before John Steed became established as the main character. He was a mysterious person, a secret agent but not like James Bond who also appeared around the same time. This was a very gentlemanly secret agent, one who used wit and wisdom before restoring to his umbrella or bowler hat. It was different, well written, unique and made Patrick Macnee famous. His character took on villains with a bowler hat, smart suit and umbrella. There was also a curious pop song, Kinky Boots with one of his female co-stars Honor Blackman. It became a hit due to various radio shows and that odd element of being wrong yet right.

These three people, while being separate in many ways have all added something to my own memories and enhanced my life. Should we just mourn the loss or always do our best to remember? For me I can listen to James Honer, watch Christopher Lee and Patrick Macnee.

Tagline: ‘Music ready. Bowler hat ready. Book ready.’

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