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Into Darkness

Into Darkness In 2009 Star Trek was rebooted. It is the in-word for taking a much loved series and starting again. That movie took risks changing what was a well-loved brand, universe and let’s face it huge fan base. However, … Continue reading

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Star Trek: The Naked Time

A Fans Thoughts The Naked Time Star Trek seldom featured episodes with no ‘guest’ aliens, it was the nature of space to almost always find someone. However, there were the occasional stories which explored the crews. The Naked Time is … Continue reading

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Star Trek The Doomsday Machine

Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine A fans thoughts It is often difficult to pick favourite episodes with the Star Trek universe, there are so many. However, I have found that certain episodes I will happily watch no matter what. The … Continue reading

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Hello Dear Reader DST50 What might you ask is DST50? Well, this weekend a 50th birthday (of sorts) was celebrated at the NEC Birmingham. Star Trek, one the top five sci-fi franchises reached 50 years. DST50 was Destination Star Trek … Continue reading

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Star Trek Beyond

Hello Dear Reader Star Trek Beyond This year marks the 50th anniversary for this sci-fi series franchise.  This is also the third film in the rebooted or alternative universe of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the crew of the USS Enterprise. … Continue reading

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