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Why start a diary ?

Hello Dear Reader,

It has been a couple of weeks since I had the chance to sit down and write anything other than work stuff. I have been rather busy. I do have to finish my first book, ‘Zen and the Art of Timetabling’ plus an article for a magazine and just get back to being creative.

Why am I mentioning a diary? Well, I noticed that Michael Palin was visiting Stoke-on-Trent during his Thirty Years Tour. It was an opportunity not to be missed. Tickets safely purchased, time arranged and then wait. To be fair, I was very busy and just had no chance to read up on the tour, so it was a real nice surprise about what I would see and hear.

I am a long time fan of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, in parts akin to a radio favourite The Goon Show. Actually, when it was first pitched the BBC called it the Go On show. Fortunately for the world The Goons came together, pun.

Settling down in the theatre, I remembered I had a been given Michael Palin’s audio version of some of his diaries. It was brilliant to listen to. It gave an insight as to why you should keep that diary. I do enjoy listening to people who talk about writing. You can learn from it if you take the time. It is not always easy as you may feel that you can not win but you can.

Michael talked about what his diaries enabled him to do which is remember and reflect, so long as I understood that right. There was a very good reason why he started, I won’t give it away as it is a spoiler. His diaries span thirty years and I suspect there is more to come. He was very engaging, just himself on stage with a few film clips. Of course Python was mentioned, as was Ripping Yawns and his travel shows. For me, it explained clearly why a diary not only helped but created its own book. In these electronic days, we often write on Facebook, what we are eating, why we feel joy and the latest rugby news. That might be rather bad given the weekend. (This will only work at one point).

Maybe it is something younger people should be encouraged to try. Rather than using electronic study, grab a notebook and just put your thoughts down on paper. Many writers do that as a habit or again should. It is also not to late to start one and as Michael shows, the entries do not have to be pages long. It is just capturing that thought.

I really enjoyed listening to him, it made me want to read his books again and get back to writing, which is good. Hence this new blog, which after all is sort of a diary or is it a letter or is both?

If you get the chance, I thoroughly recommend seeing his show. Here is the link for Michael Palin. I do have an idea for the Christmas break and I must find my ‘Round the World in 80 Days’ DVD.

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6 Nations

Hello Dear Reader

6 Nations

In a week’s time the Six Nations rugby starts again. It is one of the best competitions and one of the oldest around in sport. Rugby is a huge sport, it has been liked to chess. There are clear tactics akin to chess in the game play. You have the Forwards, the ones that put themselves on the line sacrifice at each play, forcing the other team to change its play. Forwards are hardened tough players, they push hard to get the ball, smashing into the opponents. They can often drag players in blinding the other teams captain. Like a chess board, you need to watch every square inch of the pitch. never be fooled by just what is in front of you. The sleight of hand, as the scrum-half mis-directs, waiting as his, backs strike, taking the ball to score. It is a hard brutal game.

The six nations; England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy, battle for honours, the Triple Crown, the Calcutta Cup, the Grand Slam. Each team plays the other once at proud stadiums packed with fans. Here is one of the differences with this sport. The fans sit next to each other, no separation, no need to worry about them. These games are cherished, followed moment by moment, players roared on and then moments of perfect silence. The hush that comes over both sets of fans as the kicker attempts to place an odd shaped ball between to imposing posts.

Again, here is another difference. The crowd respect the players, the action, the play. They do shout and scream, even at the television as I know, but they respect the game. Afterwards, they even have a drink with the opposition fans.

Although the six nations only lasts for a short time it is explosive, fast and dramatic. This year it has added meaning, as all the teams will take part in the Rugby World cup later in the year. Like the other World cup, this takes place ever 4 years and brings together the top teams in rugby. The Southern hemisphere sides often triumph in this competition, except for one wonderful year when a certain Jonny Wilkinson kicked a fantastic last-minute drop goal to beat Australia in extra time.

As I said at the beginning of this blog, the game is akin to chess. In those last few minutes, you could see England move the ball move men on the board waiting for that moment. The crowd could see, the Aussies could see and so could that one man. That is what makes rugby, the game centred on one moment. It was almost in slow-motion as the kick sailed between the posts and the team knew they had the Webb Ellis trophy.

It was only two minutes of play but it was the most exciting two minutes.

The Six nations starts next Friday night with England playing Wales, live on BBC 1. Once more, battle will be joined.

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