A Million Dreams

Hello Dear Readers

A simple line from a song from the film musical, The Greatest Showman. For many people, this movie and a couple of others seem to be a relatively new form, yet this genre has never really gone away. It is becoming a very successful film despite its mixed reviews. Why has it become so popular that now a sing-a-long version made it even more successful?

For me, partly it was the cast and story that first drew me to watch the trailer. This was quickly followed by brief hints of the songs, not all mind you but enough to make me want to see it. I don’t often care for the ‘professional’ review, which is funny as something similar happens in the movie. As always, there are no real spoilers here by now most will either have seen it or become fans.

The movie had just those right elements to make me want to see it, action, adventure, romance, escapism and just plain old fun. Add to that a good leading cast, a few songs and as in ‘Singing in the Rain’ said you have a hit. The story itself is a version of the world famous PT Barnum, a showman, a purveyor of the bizarre and lets face it, someone who could turn a dime into a dollar.

Circus films have been done before some on a huge scale, others just on a shoestring. It was the music that for me made this different and how the songs told parts of the story. Clearly, thats the job of the songs. But I do wonder how many people really listen to the songs. Having seen The Greatest Showman for a second time, at least two songs made me think – A Million Dreams and This is Me.

‘A Million Dreams’ bridges the gap between childhood and adulthood, showing that a dream is worth chasing no matter how long it takes. It is more than just a childhood dream or dreams, it is the ambition to reach out for ones own stars, chasing that rainbow of colours that appear each night. The song for me, embodies what Barnum wants in life. He sees what others have and how he can make a difference to another person. In each verse there is hope rather than the darkness that surrounds his world.

To a degree, it is this optimism which drives both the songs and the movie and takes something of Barnum’s real life. Although if you read about him, he did not enter the circus until aged 60. Again, for me, that does not matter as this movie is there to do just what Barnum did, suspend belief and enjoy.

The second song for me is ‘This is Me’. Another very powerful song again about what Barnum was trying to do be it right or wrong. This is about the fight for all to be who they are, not to be shunned by any party of society. They, the cast of misfits, have a right to be free from the dark. However, for me, this song is for all of us, just like ‘A Million Dreams’.  It celebrates the fact we can be different and should be proud of that even if the difference appears small to others. For we are glorious – a true line meant for all in my view.

There is a need of family within the songs of this movie, the need to belong is great. Even in the sad songs, the feeling of belonging is strong. This musical has caught the imagination of many including myself. It’s breathtaking, brilliant, exciting, entertaining and just plain fun.

Tagline; “So do you want to go?”