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Writing 201 – Poem Animal

Day 4 of Writing 201 ¬†– Poetry challenge Dear Reader Day 4 of this enjoyable challenge brings us to animals. I took time over this one, mainly because of the animal to chose. I must admit I am not sure … Continue reading

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Writing 201:Poetry – Limerick

Day 2 – Limerick Well here is my attempt at the limerick; There once was challenge to rhyme, It was difficult to find the right time. So instead he proceeded To write something unneeded, And in fact he successfully rhymed. … Continue reading

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Writing 201: Poetry

Dear Reader Writing 201: Poetry I have recently taken up an interesting challenge, writing poetry. This is has daily assignments, not all will be published here as it will take too much time. I may post a weekly list ¬†Here … Continue reading

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A challenge – 140 character poem

Dear Readers and maybe poets, This morning I managed to write a short poem in 140 characters (actually less). Now I know that many haiku’s can be written in 140 characters but this was a quick 4 line poem. So … Continue reading

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