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Writing 201 – Poetry Drawer

Hello Dear Reader

Day 8 of the poetry challenge. This time it is an ode, with the keyword being a drawer. Possibly the most fun poem to write and oh so true.



Day 8 – Drawer

There is a drawer I often use

It has mysterious powers.

Oh the joy when one discovers

and yet the despair when time is spare.

Socks, socks, socks everywhere

And not a pair to find.

Why can this drawer hide them so

Is this the bane of all mankind?

By Mark O’Donnell ©

Writing 201 – Poetry Fingers

Hello Dear Reader

Poetry Fingers

Day 7 of this challenge and a prose poem is todays theme with the keyword of fingers.This one is more my style, I enjoy prose as it allows you to express yourself a little more deeply. This one I do like, it gives freedom of expression without restrictions many other styles impose. I have enjoyed writing todays poem and hope it stands out.



Day 7 – Fingers

Drawn across the soft white curve,tracing the pleasure he feels before him. A joy to behold, feeling freedom, no-one else but the two locked in the moment. A pause, a frown, something not right, the strangest feeling of déjà vu confronts his senses. Is this the delight he remembers? That desire which brought him back here? His eyes scan the white surface, oddly littered with black speckles. Each one a clue to what lies ahead. Slowly, methodically he studies every sinew. Exploring each delicate depth of passion Pushing along the chosen path. His finger moves again, taking all displayed. Silence shared between the pair. The soft rustle of a movement well-known, his finger starts again to discover. Each sensuous touch making him drunk on power, he holds the key. A soft voice echoes in the room making him stop. ‘Are you coming down for dinner?’ She begs the question. His finger pauses on one word, ‘illusions’. Blackness of words bound on white paper. A smile on his face, the bookmark back in place. He puts the book down, waiting for another day.

By Mark O’Donnell

Writing 201 – Poetry Hero

Writing 201: Poetry Challenge

Dear Reader

Day 6 of this challenge and a ballad poem is todays theme. Increasingly tough to keep up with some of these ideas it is making me think. Like many others I am sure they are in the same boat, how to write in a style never attempted. Again, I suspect this is not my best and I will more than likely want to rewrite it at some point.

Some poems have been better or easier to rewrite, this one will take time.

Along with the theme is a word – Hero. So my hero is … well I think it becomes clear.




The stage is set for him to arrive
Surrounded by calm authority.
Strobing lights and piecing sirens
Crashes into the scene.

The fog of fear quickly dispelled
His commands attention.
People see the light of hope
Uplifting is his intention.

Orders barked without bite
Followed without question.
Standing firm to face all
Chaos dutifully challenged.

Fight rages inflaming all
Hope seems lost.
Standing proud battling fire with fire
Struggling to beat the odds

Pushing into the heart of chaos
Cries heard that must be saved.
Engulfed by elements desires to take
His life to save others.

Where there’s no hope he is hope
A towering hulk appears
He has won, defeating fire and fear
An unsung hero, without a mask.
by Mark O’Donnell


Writing 201 – Poetry Fog

Day 5 of Writing 201  – Poetry challenge Fog

Dear Reader

Day 5 of this enjoyable challenge brings us to Fog and elegy. This one was difficult to write due to the content. It is supposed to be chilling and sombre.

Like many people, I always thing my poems are not the best. With this one I have decided to just write it the once and do no more changes. I wonder if it works that well?


Day 5 Fog (Re-worked)

Each foot took him closer to the sound

Muffled cries all round.

Hard to move, the mud so tight

Pulling at each soulful step.

Fog or smoke, difficult to tell

Neither could he see or feel what was to come.

Deep deathly cries left and right

Stabbing into his mind.

Hands gripped the pitfall weapon, more a symbol

Steel like need betrayed violent desire.

His foot struck something other than mud

Single limb nothing else, friend or foe.

Inhaling fog, thick against his eyes, streaming with tears

Another step forward another limb found.

Cries all round echoing like the soundtrack of his life.

Each his fault, all his work.

A simple march of ten steps, no more

Blooded limbs lay in fog.

Death stopped, dropped his useless weapon.

Bodies of war surrounding him, as the dense fog lifted,

He sobbed in triumphed once more.


By Mark O’Donnell



Writing 201 – Poem Animal

Day 4 of Writing 201  – Poetry challenge

Dear Reader

Day 4 of this enjoyable challenge brings us to animals. I took time over this one, mainly because of the animal to chose.

I must admit I am not sure of this poem, maybe not the best but it’s something I will put forward.

Enjoy (comments well)


Day 4 – The Kill

A stealthy approach is his key
Slowly he moves, so the pray wont flee.
Crouching low, eyes never leaving
Using his senses, always feeling.

A momentary stop, frozen in time,
As his pray looks around all in his prime.
Has he been spotted, is this his mistake,
His goes unnoticed the pray still to take.
Without a sound he knows they will move
He is the leader, who has to prove.
He shall provide, for all in his care
He will be the one, the one who dares.

With military precision they move at a glance
He waits one last heartbeat ready with every ounce.
The pack descends, cries moving the pray,
He waits just that second, for one to stray.

At the beating of hearts, moving with grace,
He tracks the one, covering at pace.
Eyes burning, teeth gleaming bright,
Pounding of blood, his feeling just right.

In seconds he has it, a huge beast in flight
But the Wolf has his needs and ruthless might.
His has the kill, his pray and his pride
He howls his prowess deep into the night.