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What a Picture

Hello All

The Photography Show 2018

This is the second time I have visited this show, my first time was last year 2017. I was unprepared the first time for the scale and size of such an event. Not this time. I had a plan, a list and purpose. The show offered me and thousands of others the chance to indulge, view and purchase top quality photography products.

As with many shows, there was a huge tempting range of ‘stuff’ which often means, you need to walk a lot. In fact, you can reach your steps target with easy just wandering around. You also have to be well prepared to carry numerous flyers, magazines, leaflets and more. So a good bag is important, or you can make that your first purchase.

Take a Snap!

Of course many to this show take their own camera, I did myself. There are photo opportunities but not as many as last year or not that I could see. I did find a very nice Formula E racing car and with my new found skills took some shots. This is what I have enjoyed over the past 18 months. Re-learning what photography can be about. The show and a couple of camera clubs, have inspired me to think differently, as Apple once said. Now I was looking at the car in a new light, pardon the pun. The show last year made me think and this year was better.

Buy, Buy, Buy!

I had a list. It was specific to say the least. A certain camera, a certain lens and then other bits and pieces. You do learn to shop around and the show offers the chance to grab a bit more of a bargain if you look. For once, I did follow my own advice and went to each seller before making my purchase. Very happy indeed with my purchases.

You can find too many bargains however, and that is a real nightmare. There were some wonderful lenses, all of which were just in the right price range but I managed to hold out. Maybe next year.

Sore Feet

You do have to walk a lot at these shows, it takes time to find what you want as I said. You do have to take the chance to sit when you can and if you are lucky you get to see a celebrity or two. At this show I saw Chris Peckham. He had given a talk at the Canon stand and was just chatting to people. Part of the fun of these shows is what or who do you see if you keep your eyes open. There were a few very good picture displays which again inspired me as to what I could do. You don’t just learn by taking photographs, you learn by looking just like in writing.

Where Next?

This year I decided to check out the societies available as I want to push my photography as I did with my writing. There are various levels to achieve, each one pushing both the creative and productive elements. It will be exciting and lead to a recognised award. To imagine I can achieve that, as with publishing a book, would make me feel proud of myself. So which one to pick? I have my own favoured one and now it is the normal research and checking.

Last Words

The show was very good again. I was slightly worried I would be bored by seeing the same things again but, I had a different perceptive due to what I had planned. So long as there is a purpose to visit an event, you should always be able to find something new. Clearly that should be the objective. Maybe next time going with a group or club would give a new view or considering it a photo assignment.

I do have ideas for what I need for next time if I can last that long or maybe it will be to enter a photograph. Who knows. I can say the Photography show is well worth going and should be something you visit even if its just the once. Always take a list, bottles of water, a bag and really good shoes.

Tagline: ‘Bang – What a picture! New camera please!’



Three Counties Open Photography Exhibition 2017

Hello Dear Reader

Three Counties Open Photography Exhibition 2017

As some of you may have noticed, I have begun to blog about my interest or rather re-interest, in photography. I have found this to be another of those art forms that hundreds aspire to produce that one amazing picture in life. Like with my writing, I decided to take my photography a couple of steps further and decided to explore with the help of others.  

I joined a local club to help improve both my confidence and my photography. One of the things I wanted to explore was taking the camera of automatic. Part of pushing myself in writing has been to place my work in the public domain. Hence the self-publishing route.

Now, I decided to push my photography that step further and enter my very first competition. So I placed three photographs into the Three Counties. I did not expect one to get in but was very pleasantly surprised to hear that two had been accepted. I don’t know how many entered but for me, it was a major success and another step forward. 

I did not win anything other than my satisfaction that people will see two of my pictures and that I know I can take good pictures. So what next? Well, taking more pictures, pushing myself further, entering competitions and posting more online.

Pen pals

Hello Dear Reader

Pen Pals

On a recent train trip, I was reminded of how pleasant it can be to just talk to someone. I don’t often travel by train but this was for a conference and the last leg was late at night. Overcrowded trains, an empty seat and not wishing to spend the last leg sitting on the floor again, I ventured to ask if could use the empty place. A polite yes, a smile and I sat down.

As a general rule, we human beings aren’t very good at communicating sometimes and almost find it awkward to do more than hello, excuse me etc.  Over my many years, it seems, I have not had that problem. We did engage in a rather interesting conversation regarding people, culture, and certain people’s food choices. We did touch on how difficult people found it to talk particularly on trains or the underground. It reminded me of my very first trip to London aged around 11 years old.

I recounted the story, a school trip to the big city at a time when school trips were very different. At one point, the school party took a river trip down the Thames. Now, I was one who at aged 11 had no worries about saying hello to people and was watched over like by hawks. True to my exploring and inquisitive nature I moved forward to the front of the boat. There at the front was a woman and her husband enjoying the trip. She asked who I was, noting one of the teachers keeping close to me.  I really can’t remember the conversation but I do remember having my picture taken. The reason I do is that a few weeks later after the trip, I received a letter from Canada. I did not know anyone in Canada or so I thought. Inside was a picture of me, this one.


The letter of the woman I met. It was my first pen pal letter so to speak. I was rather pleased with myself and took it to school to show everyone. for the next 15 to 20 years we were pen pals. I never met her again, many pen pals never met in the first place. I do remember how it ended. There was a final letter, note really, the handwriting was like that of a spider and I know she was very ill. I never heard from her or her family again, despite me sending two further letters.

We both chatted on the train exchanging stories and interests on a few things. Besides the pen pal story, we spoke about photography. I did mention about how I was enjoying black and white these days and mentioned that I had written a blog on the subject of trying to pass quality control. What I forgot, was that my photo on that blog was colour. What was pleasing was the comment from my fellow passenger. Almost like a new version of pen pal letters, the internet or this blog is acting like a letter.

So in some respects, it is a thank you for the enjoyable conversation, Also to honor a promise. I did say that I had some black and white pictures and here is one. It makes me think, are these blogs the new form of letters to ourselves and others?


Tagline: “Letters stand the test of time, no matter what media you use”

Passing QC

Hello Dear Reader

Passing QC

An odd title one might think but something of a challenge for me these past few days. QC in this instance means Quality Control. I have decided to offer some of my photographs to a website, take part in my first photographic competition, complete a written guide and write a screenplay. All of these take time of course and juggling of what comes first.

The competition was relatively straight forward given I had three pictures (that in itself was mad) to just print and frame. Underestimate a task I think is the possible downfall of almost all failed attempts. I know now differently. Just getting the printing completed was a task in itself and then frames. Well, happy to say I completed that task and handed them in. Whether or not I get selected is now just one of those things. I will be disappointed if I don’t but I have three of my photographs framed and I know what to do next time. Still, does not mean I will get selected. There are hundreds of photographers out there all doing the same.

It is the same case for writing, blogging, music or whatever. Likewise, trying to get pictures available for sale is just as hard. Again I hit those two words QC. Now, I have to admit that in this instance QC is meaningful as it helped me consider how I was taking a picture. After all many never move away from automatic and never show their pictures to others. That is fine. I realized I had to refine my pictures. This, in turn, made me review what I was considering and helped me solve a few problems. I have now successfully had three pictures admitted to the website.

Quality Control, for me, used to mean something different. However, now it is a means of helping me, at least, understand how to improve not just my photographs but my writing as well. The term QC, might not be explicit in writing as such, but it is there in terms of editing and revision. You can say that editing and revision also is in the production of photographs. Each person or website has their level of QC which you need to reach in order to pass to the next level, so to speak. Even passing QC does not mean you will get noticed, just you end up in that sea of offerings.

Doing this has raised my own levels of QC which is no bad thing. It means I hope my writing, blogging, and photography will improve again. That in itself will give me the chance to stand out just that bit more.

Tagline: ‘I am ready for my photo now Mr. DeMille – ISO 100, f8, 1/35’


Shoot the Moon

Hello Dear Reader

Shoot the Moon

It has been a while since my last proper blog and here are a couple of reasons why. I have worked on a small guide to my first book, Zen and the Art of Timetabling. Christmas and the New Year appeared, as normal. Also, I have begun to rediscover the joys of taking photographs to the point I want to mix two of passions. Writing and photography do seem to go together. So much so, that for me after attending my first open shoot, I found myself writing two poems based on my night’s work.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and maybe that is true. Yet, I feel some pictures might generate a thousand stories or ideas. As I have mentioned in other blogs, using a picture can be a very good method to prompt a writer. As with writing, each photographer see’s something different in what he or she captures. Although there is only be 360 degrees in which some photos can be taken, each degree has thousands of interesting points.

Take the Moon. Over the past few weeks, I have taken the odd photo of the moon at various times of night. I am forever learning after all. Each time I take a picture I see something new. I can see a crater just a bit differently or the shadow from the Sun. The Moon does not change in reality, but as I photograph it, I see changes.

The same can be said of all photographs. Simply changing from colour to black and white, can have a huge impact on what you see. Black and white appears wrong but, there is a beauty in stripping away the layers to see even more details. I love black and white, the look of a building exposed of its colour just bare. There are those pictures which hide and tease, you want to see what is in the darkness. What is in the darkness, can we ever find out? Do we want to find out?

We like to see pictures of the Moon. It creates a magic sometimes, the mystical thoughts and dreams for some. It can be photographed as the background to a scene, passing behind a snow-capped mountain or wandering above a deep red dessert.  It is just one of those things to see.

As said, a picture says a thousand words, so here is my picture of the Moon or one of them. Enjoy.

Tagline: ‘Blue Moon… or saw me standing alone..’





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