Hello All

The Photography Show 2018

This is the second time I have visited this show, my first time was last year 2017. I was unprepared the first time for the scale and size of such an event. Not this time. I had a plan, a list and purpose. The show offered me and thousands of others the chance to indulge, view and purchase top quality photography products.

As with many shows, there was a huge tempting range of ‘stuff’ which often means, you need to walk a lot. In fact, you can reach your steps target with easy just wandering around. You also have to be well prepared to carry numerous flyers, magazines, leaflets and more. So a good bag is important, or you can make that your first purchase.

Take a Snap!

Of course many to this show take their own camera, I did myself. There are photo opportunities but not as many as last year or not that I could see. I did find a very nice Formula E racing car and with my new found skills took some shots. This is what I have enjoyed over the past 18 months. Re-learning what photography can be about. The show and a couple of camera clubs, have inspired me to think differently, as Apple once said. Now I was looking at the car in a new light, pardon the pun. The show last year made me think and this year was better.

Buy, Buy, Buy!

I had a list. It was specific to say the least. A certain camera, a certain lens and then other bits and pieces. You do learn to shop around and the show offers the chance to grab a bit more of a bargain if you look. For once, I did follow my own advice and went to each seller before making my purchase. Very happy indeed with my purchases.

You can find too many bargains however, and that is a real nightmare. There were some wonderful lenses, all of which were just in the right price range but I managed to hold out. Maybe next year.

Sore Feet

You do have to walk a lot at these shows, it takes time to find what you want as I said. You do have to take the chance to sit when you can and if you are lucky you get to see a celebrity or two. At this show I saw Chris Peckham. He had given a talk at the Canon stand and was just chatting to people. Part of the fun of these shows is what or who do you see if you keep your eyes open. There were a few very good picture displays which again inspired me as to what I could do. You don’t just learn by taking photographs, you learn by looking just like in writing.

Where Next?

This year I decided to check out the societies available as I want to push my photography as I did with my writing. There are various levels to achieve, each one pushing both the creative and productive elements. It will be exciting and lead to a recognised award. To imagine I can achieve that, as with publishing a book, would make me feel proud of myself. So which one to pick? I have my own favoured one and now it is the normal research and checking.

Last Words

The show was very good again. I was slightly worried I would be bored by seeing the same things again but, I had a different perceptive due to what I had planned. So long as there is a purpose to visit an event, you should always be able to find something new. Clearly that should be the objective. Maybe next time going with a group or club would give a new view or considering it a photo assignment.

I do have ideas for what I need for next time if I can last that long or maybe it will be to enter a photograph. Who knows. I can say the Photography show is well worth going and should be something you visit even if its just the once. Always take a list, bottles of water, a bag and really good shoes.

Tagline: ‘Bang – What a picture! New camera please!’