Hello Dear Reader


It has been a few weeks since I last posted a blog here, however I have not been idle. In fact I have been very busy attempting to finish a rather niche book.

Writing, for me, is a joy, a release of thoughts that after many reads form some sort of jumbled mess. I don’t know about other writers but I often find words will appear on a screen or now a typewriter (more on that later) in a scrambled pattern.

Like now, I am thinking this, reading to my inner self as I write. Will this make sense once I have finished? Only the reader and some cold-hearted grammar checker will know. And why is that? Well most times this blog is just written, spell checked and the glaring mistake corrected. A blog for me is just somewhere to unburden words I might not need. I don’t need to make the sentence ‘nice’ or have it rhythm in haiku fashion. Those works, I work on.

My book, which is in draft, is very unique in what it hopes to discuss and I won’t give anything away here because it’s a surprise. I do have a sc-fi novel written and I have a detective story on the go. But how to get them to a trusted editor to get the best words out. The poems I have on here, I wrote quickly and then refined later. One of them I was very lucky to have published in the first Keele Creative Writing anthology. I was really proud of myself and that finally makes me a published writer.

IMG_0972As for the typewriter I mentioned. You sometimes do what some people call daft things. This was an impulse purchase, just suddenly decided I wanted a typewriter. Well, suddenly was not really correct, sort of slow build-up having seen them dotted about TV shows and eventually I thought ‘Why not?’. There is a perfectly good app, it makes sound, it looks real but it’s not the same. With a typewriter you can feel and hear the letters hitting the page creating words. Don’t get me wrong, once you make a mistake it shows. But its fun. I do have an odd hankering to write a poem and enter it into some sort of art exhibition as  the lost worlds of writing. Daft?

Anyway, this blog has been written during my lunch break, sat in a coffee area listening to the world. It’s fascinating, as Spock would say. I often write at lunch time, it is how I thought of my detective story ( 3 chapters down already). Not that I have any ideas from coffee or do I?

Well it is time to finish this little work, almost 500 words on just nothing much. A rambling blog that might just contain the odd gems. As for my quest to find that editor, it goes on.

Tagline: ‘This blog was written with happy thoughts from 13:24pm to 13:54pm.’