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Passing QC

Hello Dear Reader

Passing QC

An odd title one might think but something of a challenge for me these past few days. QC in this instance means Quality Control. I have decided to offer some of my photographs to a website, take part in my first photographic competition, complete a written guide and write a screenplay. All of these take time of course and juggling of what comes first.

The competition was relatively straight forward given I had three pictures (that in itself was mad) to just print and frame. Underestimate a task I think is the possible downfall of almost all failed attempts. I know now differently. Just getting the printing completed was a task in itself and then frames. Well, happy to say I completed that task and handed them in. Whether or not I get selected is now just one of those things. I will be disappointed if I don’t but I have three of my photographs framed and I know what to do next time. Still, does not mean I will get selected. There are hundreds of photographers out there all doing the same.

It is the same case for writing, blogging, music or whatever. Likewise, trying to get pictures available for sale is just as hard. Again I hit those two words QC. Now, I have to admit that in this instance QC is meaningful as it helped me consider how I was taking a picture. After all many never move away from automatic and never show their pictures to others. That is fine. I realized I had to refine my pictures. This, in turn, made me review what I was considering and helped me solve a few problems. I have now successfully had three pictures admitted to the website.

Quality Control, for me, used to mean something different. However, now it is a means of helping me, at least, understand how to improve not just my photographs but my writing as well. The term QC, might not be explicit in writing as such, but it is there in terms of editing and revision. You can say that editing and revision also is in the production of photographs. Each person or website has their level of QC which you need to reach in order to pass to the next level, so to speak. Even passing QC does not mean you will get noticed, just you end up in that sea of offerings.

Doing this has raised my own levels of QC which is no bad thing. It means I hope my writing, blogging, and photography will improve again. That in itself will give me the chance to stand out just that bit more.

Tagline: ‘I am ready for my photo now Mr. DeMille – ISO 100, f8, 1/35’



Winter 1 December 2nd 2016

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Hello Dear Reader Having decided to post a few pictures from time to time, here is my first true photo blog. I hope to learn and create better pictures. Here are the first few.             … Continue reading

Close-up Challenge 1

Hello Dear Reader

Close-up Challenge 1

I have been playing with a new lens recently. Photography, I think, is like writing, everyone wants to take pictures from  time to time but only a percentage ever shows off. That percentage, is of course, millions of people. Now with the likes of various sites and apps on the interweb, phones, camera etc, photographs appear like writing.

So today I am adding to that mix with this offering and a challenge. How close can you go?



What can you do or find? It’s interesting to see how close you can get with a camera these days and just how detailed everything is.

Enjoy and go shooting.

(All pictures Copywrite of course)

Tagline: ‘I am ready for my close-up now’

Photograph Prompt – Week 4 – Beauty

Hello Dear Reader

Photograph Prompt – Week 4 – Beauty

This week’s writing challenge is a little different. Beauty  is in the eye of the beholder or so they say. So this week I offer the following picture;


What does the image make you want to write? A poem, a thought, the scent of the flower? Maybe it is the first time a person has seen a flower. What if this was seen by an alien?

What would they think or how would you describe a flower as an alien? Here are my thoughts;

“Survey team Delta 1 recording. We landed on this world an hour ago and boy is it strange. I decided to avoid the big grey patches were the bipeds seem to be. There is something odd, a green soft type of surface in places along with a brownish hard substance. Then Delta 3 found this. I have included a scan for reference. We have no idea what it is for? We tried all forms of communications and no response. An odd flying thing landed on it, it made a sort of buzzing sound. We recorded that after Delta 5 was injured by the small object. He is in quarantine now under observation. Nasty red spot on him. The object had an odd smell, sweet to say the least. We are taking a sample for further checks. We don’t believe it to be …”

Well, what might it be? Beauty to an alien who knows.

What would you consider beauty to be?

Tagline: “Is that a field of daffodils?”

Autumn Eyes

Hello Dear Reader

Autumn Eyes

This is a change from my normal post as I decided to take a few photo’s today for fun.

Autumn has such vivid colours and yet they last so briefly. You can see how life drains from the leafs on the trees, from the summer green to the autumn gold. It is surprising how many times I have watched the change and not really taken the time to capture it.

So here are two photos, one as shot and one I decided to play with. Enjoy.

Taken with a Cannon EOS 300D.

Tagline: ‘Changing colours’

Autumn black

Autumn gold