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Marvellous Summer – Part 1

So the fight begins. Well to be fair, there appears to be no contest in this particular battle. The fight I am referring to, Marvel v DC or at least some people feel that way. For me, it is another summer of superhero movies.

Having seen DC’s film, that was reviewed elsewhere, I was slightly apprehensive regarding Marvel’s first film of the summer. Given this story is taken from a very complex and long comic story, to try to tell it on-screen could have started the downfall of this growing market.

Marvel’s civil war basically pits friends against friends (although they may not see that friendship) and like many wars, causes people to pick sides. In essence a fairly simple story but in true comic book fashion there is always much more.

Captain America: Civil War opens at pace, you don’t have time to relax into the movie. Good or bad? I liked the style, it grabs you just as a good book should do. But there is a flash back and mystery, with enough clues so you could see what is coming. Unlike the comics, this civil war version has to take a different tack. That tack works for me.

Marvel seem to have the formula of these movies down to almost perfection. I have said before that the transfer of a comic book to screen can be difficult. Given that in drawings you have unlimited imagination, the screen format used to be restrictive. The imagination element seems to have caught up if not surpassed. It is now the story telling part that remains.

Like books, you can do so much more in a comic and the story can run over many issues throughout a year, without losing the reader. They also have no concept of time or the aging of a subject or in fact bringing them back from the dead just as they were aged 20. Movies can’t do that, yet.

Now for the spoiler alert – for those who have not seen the movie don’t read on!! You have been warned.

Captain America:Civil War is breathtaking – again. The action moves around the world, there are pauses for breath, introduction of new characters and the happy inclusion of one old favourite. There were moments when I was actually becoming too involved in the story. That is good. Tony Stark however, did appear truly troubled, he seemed at odds with himself, friends and the world. Here was the change in this version of the civil war. The movie cleverly used the death of two people to put him at odds with others. It was manipulated by another grieving the loss of his family. But that took time. Warning from friends are ignored by Stack but he reaches his own conclusion. The Avengers took more than the physical blows it normally does.

Once again the movie has superb filming, cinematography, music and all. It just sits better than DC. The fight sequences are well put together, not too long and not the ‘wham bam’ some use. The film leaves us at an unsettled point, mankind starting to fear what the Avengers could do and looking down a dark path. Yet, there is still something missing. I feel that there is more to show.

Marvel has two more movies lined up for the summer, another X-Men and the first Doctor Strange episode. According to the list we have much more to come. At present there seems no slowing of both the movies or the appeal to fans around the world. Maybe they never will considering science fiction has been around in one form or another for hundreds of years.

Captain America” Civil War might have split the Avengers but it did not split the fans.

Here is an official trailer for those yet to see the movie Captain America

Rating: 4.8/5 (It was that close)

Tagline: “There is a spider’s web forming.”