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Close-up Challenge 1

Hello Dear Reader

Close-up Challenge 1

I have been playing with a new lens recently. Photography, I think, is like writing, everyone wants to take pictures from  time to time but only a percentage ever shows off. That percentage, is of course, millions of people. Now with the likes of various sites and apps on the interweb, phones, camera etc, photographs appear like writing.

So today I am adding to that mix with this offering and a challenge. How close can you go?



What can you do or find? It’s interesting to see how close you can get with a camera these days and just how detailed everything is.

Enjoy and go shooting.

(All pictures Copywrite of course)

Tagline: ‘I am ready for my close-up now’

Autumn Eyes

Hello Dear Reader

Autumn Eyes

This is a change from my normal post as I decided to take a few photo’s today for fun.

Autumn has such vivid colours and yet they last so briefly. You can see how life drains from the leafs on the trees, from the summer green to the autumn gold. It is surprising how many times I have watched the change and not really taken the time to capture it.

So here are two photos, one as shot and one I decided to play with. Enjoy.

Taken with a Cannon EOS 300D.

Tagline: ‘Changing colours’

Autumn black

Autumn gold