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A Writers Tale.

They say the first line few lines of ‘About Me’ will either capture the reader or make them press the search button again.

Why visit this site among the sea of words and pictures? I have a desire to be a writer, not just the long sci-fi epic, where my hero is really part of me. Not just the short sharp story, that makes you think or hopefully shiver a bit. Nor is it the odd poem thrown in at a whim to brighten your day.

It is all these and the odd few bits more. There will be reviews of films I really like, or not, blogs about a particular topic or even the odd gadget I find that’s interesting to me.

What do I enjoy? I have many passions and little time, just like many. At the moment, writing, archery, chess and staying fit, top the list. The latter is like the ocean waves, it comes and goes. I love sci-fi in all its forms, I am a great Marvel fan, Doctor Who, Blake’s 7 and anything by Gerry Anderson. (You can always look them up). Detective novels fascinate me and the minds behind them. How they can see the twisted mind of a criminal and yet keep that surprise until the end is something I want to achieve.

I am working on a number of projects; my first sci-fi novel in draft, a detective novel based in somewhere close to me and a collection of poems. There are a couple more but I will save them for later.

As to who I am; well I am over 50, live in the UK, discovering that life is still good. As I said, I enjoy archery, writing, chess, television, gaming, music and more. I was trying to learn the clarinet and still might. On odd occasions, I enjoy looking up into the night sky, when it’s clear and wondering if we are alone.

Enough ‘About Me’ go read the blogs.

Update: I am now a published author

Another update: I am also back into photography and enjoying rediscovering pictures for words.

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